Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

This week, Ben has challenged us to ‘keep things narrow‘ and to share a photo with our take on the theme.

So, I’ve decided to share one from nature and one man-made ‘narrow’.

This first one is a bit lethal but has beauty in itself.

WPC- Narrow 2-5398

This second one is man-made and the beauty is awe-inspiring. I love these grand old building and marvel at how they did that centuries ago – all by hand!

WPC- Narrow-2653

Have a great weekend – where ever you are 😎

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

This week Michelle challenged us to, ‘Show us the detail that made a good experience a truly transcendent one — let’s celebrate the cherries on top!’

Cherry On Top

So, my grand-daughter saw someone put money in a chocolate machine and win lots of chocolates. Having a mouthful of sweet teeth, she asked her Mum for money.

Off they went without a glimmer of doubt that she too, would get chocolates out of the machine. She came back proud, as proud could be with nine chocolates that she had won all by herself.

Being the beautiful soul that she is, she offered to share them with us and that to me was the Cherry On Top! ❤️

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

Jen H’s challenge for this week is Details. It can be something from the natural world or human made.

So, this week, I’m sharing images from both, the natural world and human made.

WPC- Details 1

Nature doing what it does…

WPC- Details 2

The intricate details of man made

WPC- Details

Nature’s wonderful details!

Let, Love, Love, Love be your details for this weekend. ❤️❤️❤️

Have a great one – whatever you do! 😊

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

This week Nancy Thanki has challenged us to Look Up and share what we see.

So, I love sunsets and this one here was no exception.

Look Up 1

I also love lamp post – preferably wrought iron ones, but this old style caught my eye when I looked up.

Look Up

So there we have it, a couple of things to share for looking up!

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Hump Day Post: Postcard from Redhead, NSW

I’m lucky to live near one of the beast beaches around in NSW, but then again, I’m biased!

Redhead Bluff

Redhead Bluff

Redhead Beach takes its name from the bluff which is bright red when the sun shines on it. Close to it is a shark tower which was built around 1929 from timber from an old coal mine. It’s believed to be the last remaining shark tower of its kind in Australia before the introduction of shark nets.

Redhead Shark Tower

Historic Shark Tower – Circa 1929

The beach extends to nine miles of coastline and the Redhead Bluff is at its northern end with the Redhead Surf Life Saving Club housed there. It is a patrolled beach at this point during the warmer months.

Redhead Surfer

Surfer and seagull check out the surf

There’s room for us all here: swimmers, walkers, surfers, dogs and 4WD. With so much to do, it’s the perfect location – mostly for locals, so don’t tell anybody, will you?

If I can keep a secret, so can you! 😊

PS: to see Redhead bluff with the sun shining to give it its name, check it out here:

Hump Day Post: Reflections

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

So, winter has finally arrived down under. For most of us a chilly water temperature of 16℃ or 61℉ is enough to keep well away, but not so for these partners!

As I strolled along the beach fully decked out for winter with buttoned up jacket and hanging on to my scarf, there were plenty of warm-blooded surfer that treated it as a warm summer’s day!

Too chilly for me, I’m afraid!

WPC- Partners

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Hump Day Post: Postcard from China

So, a couple of weeks ago, a friend and I went to China for a quick ‘look see’.

Our days were full twelve hours with plenty of movement required which I was unable to do easily.

My trip was a blur as a few weeks before we left, I developed Hip Bursitis or Trochanteric Bursitis which is a bundle of joy! 😢  so, drugged up with pain killers, I forged on for five days. That’s all I could manage!

Still, it’s a good reason to return when I’m over this Bursitis and let me tell you, I’m over it!!

Here then, are a few memories for you to enjoy – pain-free! 😊

China 3

Needs no introduction…


Forbidden City

China 1

China 2

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