Hump Day Post: Postcard from Somersby Falls

This week’s postcard is from the beautiful Somersby Falls in New South Wales (NSW) Australia.

We went there at the beginning of the year and were thrilled with the amount of water there was. For the local families, it’s a favourite spot to visit when our summer gets too hot and some beaches may become crowded.

It’s a haven seldom thought of by those who live near the coast, but I’ll keep them in mind for this summer!

HDP- Aug 2

HDP- Aug 1

I trust your Hump Day is going great! 😉

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Whilst at one of the beaches around Urunga, New South Wales, here in Australia, I came across this rock formation in the shape of a heart and it took my breath away!

It was truly a rare find and made me wonder if it’d been carved purely by nature or if some love struck lover etched it there a million years ago and nature carried off their intention.

Wenonah Head Beach, Urunga NSW

I’ve shared this photo previously, but thought it fitted the bill for this week’s challenge perfectly. So, my apologies if you’ve seen it before, but I think it’s awesome!

Have a great weekend! 😎

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Hump Day Post: Now where was I…

This year has been a quiet one with regards to travel. I had a ‘mishap’ at the end of April and I’m now recovering. 😗

BUT, where was I a year ago? I was around the East Kimberley region of Western Australia (WA)!

If you’ve recently joined me, we travelled around Australia for seven and a half months in our caravan.

Here then, is a glimpse of where we were.

HDP- Now where was I

Lookout from Mirima National Park

HDP- Now where was I-2

Mr Oz doing what he does – climbing!

HDP- Now where was I-3

Ord River reflections

HDP- Now where was I-4

Boab Tree

For now, the memories are keeping me going, but, I can assure you, I will not be taking my health for granted from here on in!!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun

Mr Oz and I went to see what’s left of the wreck of MV Signa, a Norwegian bulk carrier  that run aground at Stockton Beach, New South Wales in May 1974.


Whilst admiring it, a freak wave came and Mr Oz whipped me off my feet to keep me dry. Not that he succeeded much, but the gesture was awesome and fun!

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Hump Day Post: Postcard from Lake Macquarie

So, we’re in our last month of winter down under. I can see already that each morning the sun’s path is changing. We’re one month away from our spring equinox (September 23rd) and have been blessed with amazing sunsets during winter.

Lake Macquarie is in our State of New South Wales (NSW), Australia and if you do a search in my Home page, you can see a myriad of Posts on this beautiful lake.

Sunset at Lake Mac-5439

Some quick stats are:

  • It’s Australia’s largest coastal salt water lagoon
  • It’s connected to the Tasman Sea and covers an area of 110 square kilometres or 42.5 square miles
  • It’s the largest permanent salt water lake in the Southern Hemisphere and is twice as large as Sydney Harbour

I hope your week is going well for you. Take care 🤗

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

The first thing I see in the morning as I walk towards the kitchen, is my grand daughter’s doll’s house. It’s taller than her at the moment and at the top of it, there’s a big clock!

WPC- Clock

This automatically brings a smile to my face, brightens my day and I know I’m going to have a great one 😍

Have a great one yourself 😊

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Hump Day Post: Postcard from Tom Price, Western Australia

Tom Price, is a mining town in the Pilbara region of Western Australia (WA). It’s the highest town (in WA) at 747 metres or 2.451 ft above sea level and as such, it has been dubbed ‘Top Town in WA’.

This iron ore mining town is under the control of Rio Tinto. Tom Price has a population of roughly 2.721 with an average age of 29, which reflects the relatively young family community that exists there. The town is named after Thomas Moore Price and is the closest town to the Karijini National Park which is awesome!

When we travelled through the Pilbara region last year, we were blessed with a great show of wild flowers. The rich red soil of the area has to be seen to be believed and the wild flowers flourish and grow, despite the dusty, parched terrain. The Pilbara region puts on an amazing wildflower show every spring and special trips are planned for tourists on an annual basis.

Here then, is a peep…

Tom Price, WA 1

Rich red soil

Tom Price, WA-3

Month stopping to get its bearing at a compass lookout

Tom Price, WA-6

View from Tom Price Mountain

Tom Price, WA-2 Tom Price, WA-4 Tom Price, WA-5 Tom Price, WA-7

If you’re planning a trip to the northern part of Western Australia, keep the season in mind  and you won’t be sorry!

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