The Azure Window, Gozo, Malta

During our recent visit to Malta, we had the good fortune of visiting the famous Azure Window and we were not disappointed. Dwejra is a tourist village that belongs to the town of San Lawrenz, Gozo, Malta. The water of the bay is suitable for swimming, scuba diving, boating and it’s unbelievably blue!

The local boat operators have a great system to make sure that all the owners have equal share of the tourists. It seemed like a co-op and it must have been a tried and tested formula because each boat waited to be told it was their turn.

Ours soon came and life jackets were handed out. As we headed out of Dwejra bay, through this archways, it became obvious we had choppy conditions ahead.

Azure Window, Gozo, Mediterranean Sea Malta, Travel, Europe,

Dwejra Bay, Gozo, Malta

Powered by good humour and the motor, we bounced our way to the Azure Window keeping a respectable distance. Today, the seas did not allow us to get any closer than this. To venture further meant more exposure to the open seas and the operator had a healthy respect for the sea. After bouncing off our seats a couple of times, we quickly shared that respect!

The Azure Window, Gozo, Malta, Travel, Europe, Mediterranean Sea

The Azure Window, Gozo, Malta

A visit well worth making, with amazing colour water!


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