Florence, Italy

Florence is one of my favourite places in Italy. Not only is it like stepping back in time, but there’s something else there for me. A feel I can’t define.

So, the Ponte Santa Trinita or Holy Trinity Bridge is a renaissance bridge in Florence spanning the river Arno. It’s the oldest elliptic arch bridge in the world and was constructed between 1567 and 1569.

Florence is on my bucket list and I plan to go back there and stay long enough to find out what it is about the place that fills me so much. I don’t know if it’s the Mediterranean way of life, the food, the history, the buildings or if it’s a combination of absolutely everything Florentine. I need to go back there and find out…

Ponte Santa Tinita (Holy Trinity Bridge)

Ponte Santa Tinita (Holy Trinity Bridge)

Shopping in Florence

Fashion in Florence

Florentine Gold

Florentine Gold – only the Italians can dress a window dripped in gold 🙂


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