Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

What kind of emotions does the sea or ocean make you feel? Do you remember the first time you went in the water? Had a wave crash on you? Felt the sand burn your feet? Do you feel more peaceful around water? Do you hate the beach? What’s the most interesting thing about the sea for you?

Lots of questions, lots of interpretations. Show me the different sides of Sea with your contribution!


I love the sea. Not necessarily going into it, although I do enjoy that too, but the sea for me has cleansing and healing properties. I have shed many a tears by the sea and it’s eased the hurt away. When I’m stressed, that’s my ‘healing’ place. Somehow, just inhaling the salty air soothes my soul and if I put my feet in the water, it seems to wash away all my worries. I love listening to the waves roar during winter, the sound gives me energy.

As a child I lived by the sea and I guess, I’ve always heard the sea, smelt it and dipped in it.  Being and living close to the sea is a must for me, it’s a homing zone that tells me, I’m home, I’m safe and all is well. I must be near the sea, it brings balance to my life!

Stockton Beach, NSW

Stockton Beach, NSW

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this natural heart shape carved by nature in a rock whilst on holidays. To me, it confirmed that the sea does heal 🙂

Wenonah Head Beach, Urunga NSW

Wenonah Head Beach, Urunga NSW


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