Devils Marbles

The Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is south of the Tennant Creek area of Northern Territory in Australia.

It’s located near Wauchope and south of Tennant Creek. The site is known as Karlu Karlu to the land’s Aboriginal traditional owners. The ‘Devils Marbles’ or ‘Karlu Karlu’ with its gigantic, rounded granite boulders, some spectacularly poised, is a remarkable landscape. Scattered clusters of these ‘marbles’, including many balancing rocks, are spread across a wide, shallow valley. The Devils Marbles is a nationally and internationally recognised symbol of Australia’s outback.

The Reserve is accessible all year round and has a network of pathways with information boards and a basic camping area. Between May and October each year Rangers offer a program of live events at the site as part of their Territory Parks Alive Program.

When we visited it in September last year, it was hard to understand how these ‘Marbles’ came to be in the middle of wilderness. One thing for sure is that you can’t visit them too much later in the year as rocks and boulders can add an extra 10 degrees to their surrounds by radiating the heat they’ve absorbed.

As we headed up to Darwin, the grey nomads returning from the top end all told similar stories, ‘It’s too hot now.’ Having travelled from New South Wales (NSW) we weren’t about to head back home, so we continued our journey and as we headed further north, their judgement was confirmed. It is too hot. Never the less, it didn’t stop us from having a great time discovering the top end!

Devils Marbles, Northern Territory, NT, Australia

Great Support

Dingo, Devils Marbles, Northern Territory, NT, Australia

Sleepy Dingo

Devils Marbles, Northern Territory, NT, Australia

Marble Scale

Devils Marbles, Northern Territory, NT, Australia

The Bigger Picture

Devils Marbles, Northern Territory, NT, Australia

Day visitors

Devils Marbles, Northern Territory, NT, Australia

Time to Go


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