Hump Day Post: Mt Buffalo, VIC

This week for my Hump Day Post, I’m taking you to Mt Buffalo in Victoria, Australia.

We drove from NSW to VIC in April to see the Autumn Festival which was just amazing! The expected autumn colour display did not disappoint us in the least – but that’ll be another post. The point of this one is that my husband (Mr Oz) said he had a surprise for me 🙂 Like a child, I was instantly excited and couldn’t wait for my surprise, so he drove me to what looked like a small airfield and I automatically thought I’d be a helicopter ride of the surrounding areas, but no!

We continued driving until there was only one big giant shed on the side of a big field. We pulled up and he said, ‘This is it!’ My jaw dropped and a puzzled look covered my face. ‘I don’t see anything!’ was my reply. ‘You will’ was his, with a smirk on his face. So we stepped out of the car and a man approached us. They chatted for a while and then the man disappeared. My husbands’s smirk got wider and now I was beginning to worry!

Horror struck my face as I saw an ultralight come out of the shed and then another! Mr Oz cracked up laughing at the expression of frozen fear on my face. Gradually, I got over my ‘surprise’ and prepared myself to meet my maker 🙂

Me taking photos of Mr Oz and him taking photos of me, we went up on two separate ultralights each piloted with us sitting behind the pilot. It didn’t take long for my fear to be replaced by utter bliss even when my pilot asked me if I’d be OK for her to switch the engine off, I calmly heard myself say ‘Yes’ and then it happened…

We were birds flying, the wind holding us up and moving in unison with the current. Silence. Peace. Bliss. No worries. No fear. Just magical bliss! So this is what it’s like for birds. What an honour this was to experience it!

The memory of this ‘surprise’ will stay with me for ever imprinted on my mind as a truly exceptional experience.

I hope these pictures give you the feeling of Silence, Peace and Bliss!

Ultralight, flying, Mt Buffalo, ViC, Australia

Getting ready for take off

Ultralight, flying, Mt Buffalo, ViC, Australia

Gaining altitude

Ultralight, flying, Mt Buffalo, ViC, Australia

My pilot

Ultralight, flying, Mt Buffalo, ViC, Australia

Engine off. Silence. Peace. Bliss!


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  1. Wow what a truly amazing experience. But I just know I would be too frightened to try this. Good on you and thanks so much for posting the photos.


    • I can tell you I was AFRAID and I’m sure it was fear that stopped me from speaking up 😨 having said that, I can honestly say that I’m for ever grateful for the experience.


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