Hump Day Post: St Wolfgang

When we were in Germany last year, one of the places we wanted to see whilst we were in Europe was St Wolfgang in central Austria. We had seen picture perfect photos of this town and so wanted to see it for real.

Facts & Figures about St Wolfgang

  • It has over 2,000 inhabitants
  • It’s in Central Austria and was named after Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg
  •  It is on the northern shore of the Wolfgangsee lake (close to the towns of Strobl and St. Gilgen) at the foot of the Schafberg mountain.
  • Saint Wolfgang erected the first church at the shore of the Wolfgangsee after he withdrew to the nearby Mondsee Abbey in 976.
  • According to legend he threw an axe down the mountain to find the site and even persuaded the Devil to contribute to the building by promising him the first living being ever entering the church. However Satan was disappointed as the first creature over the doorstep was a wolf.
  • The church became a major pilgrimage site, as it was first mentioned in an 1183 deed by Pope Lucius III.

We booked our trip with a local Austrian company and caught the ferry to St. Wolfgang. As you can see from the photos, we were very lucky and had picture perfect weather:)


Catching the Ferry


Along the way


Gorgeous houses

Approaching St Wolfgang

Approaching St Wolfgang – St Wolfgang Church in the distance

St Wolfgang

Closer now…


Going Cookoo

Going Cookoo!

Lake Wolfgang

Time for a rest to admire the view


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