How Far We’ve Come

Happy New Year! Another year over and a new one’s just began.

So, we were in our lounge room waiting for the Sydney fireworks at midnight whilst Face Timing (Mac’s version of Skype) with our daughter who’s currently living in Germany. We faced the laptop towards the TV and she had a front row view of the fireworks so we were able to chat and comment on what we were seeing – just as if she was there with us. It made it so special to have her there and it gave her a sense of not ‘missing out’ although having said that, it brought a tear or two to her eyes. Technology also makes the ‘distance’ shorter as we’re able to see her and chat with her on a regular basis and know what’s going on in her life and vice versa.

It brought to mind, how far we’ve come with regards to technology. When I was in school, we had a small blackboard like the one pictured below and now in schools we have iPads. We progressed to pen and paper and now we have computers as the ‘norm’. The teacher’s blackboard has been replaced by electronic ones and all of this in just one life time. Kids seldom go out and play with real mates, they stay in and play on their computers with ‘virtual’ ones. We have social medias and blogs and acquire ‘followers’ who we’ll never get to meet. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely grateful for technology and I’m aware of their benefits, but it does makes me wonder what changes my children and grandchildren will see in their lifetime.

At the moment it’s something of a scary thought for me, not because I’m opposed to technology, but because we appear to be losing the ‘human’ touch!

What are your thought?

From Blackboard to iPad

From Blackboard to iPad in one life time


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