Hump Day Post: Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

Another late post for Hump Day! Life is full 0n at the moment 🙂

In my recent trip to Tasmania, the land was parched, dry and cracked with no signs of its usual lush pastures or green rolling hills. Wanting to make the most of our trip, we decided to visit Mount Field National Park. We were very pleasantly surprised to find it luxuriously green with no signs of the outside draught – the only tell tale was the lack of water at the falls, but then again, we were grateful for some water.

Mount Field National Park is 64 km northwest of Hobart and its landscape ranges from eucalyptus temperate rainforest to alpine moorland, rising to 1,434 metres at the summit of Mount Field West. Its area is 61.32 sq miles (158.8 km²).

Horseshoe Falls, Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

Horseshoe Falls

Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

Russell Falls




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    Did you love Tasmania? I want to go.


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