Hump Day Post: Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an excellent destination for most Ozies. It’s not far (relatively speaking), it’s cheap and you get good value for money. For me, the biggest challenge in going there was the bartering!

Coming from a nation of fixed pricing, it can be a bit daunting going somewhere where bartering is not only the way of life but almost a sport! A novice to Bali and be forgiven for converting the price they’re being asked for back to their currency and thinking what a bargain it is. In reality, it’s an over inflated price they ask for and only the initiated knows to barter. You can pay a premium (by their standards) whilst still thinking it’s cheap compared to the prices back home. They’re smart. They have colour coding for their shopping bags so, as you’re happily swinging your ‘bargains’ around, you’re advertising to other store owners what an easy target you are!

Once I got into the swing of it, I found myself bartering and refusing to budge for the sake of a couple of cents. It wasn’t the cents, it was the principle 🙂

Good sport though!

Rice Fields, Bali, Indonesia

Rice Fields

Legian Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Legian Beach

Poppy Lane, Bali, Indonesia

Poppy Lane, famous shopping strip

Bali, Indonesia

Pura Dalem Agung, Padangtegal Temple




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8 Responses to Hump Day Post: Bali, Indonesia

  1. macmsue says:

    Liked your photos. I find the bartering wears me down, I get to the stage I just want to know “the real price”. I was astonished though a few years ago when an Adelaide jeweller admired my genuine Raymond Weill watch after I’d bartered down the price in Singapore assuming it was a copy 🙂


    • I’m with you on the bartering thing, it wears me down too. Like I said though, by the end of my last visit, I was thinking that’s the price I’m willing to pay. Take it or leave it! 🙂


  2. Amy says:

    The beach, Wow! The rice field is so beautiful.


  3. Oh, I wish it was as easy to get to Bali from Korea. I so love it there! Definitely do not enjoy bartering though…


  4. Sounds like you’ve gotten right into the swing of it, even though you don’t really like it! I’m sure you’ve got some great bargains! Gorgeous pictures, too!


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