Photography 101 – The Natural World

Day 8‘Capture the natural world with your camera: document a moment outside, big or small. From a panorama snapped during your morning forest hike to a close-up of a leaf on the sidewalk, we invite you to document this wondrous world around us.’

For today’s ‘Natural World’, I’m enclosing a photo of Simpsons Gap in the West MacDonnell Ranges of our Northern Territory. Note these colours are natural and in no way enhanced, also can you spot Mr Oz in there for size?

He’s left of the tree and it gives rise to how small us humans are – compared to nature 🙂

Simpsons Gap, West MacDonnell Ranges, NT

Simpsons Gap, West MacDonnell Ranges, NT


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My passion has been for many, many years landscape photography so when the chance came up to retire early, in order to travel, I took it! It made sense then to marry the two (travel and photography) and create this blog. I hope you enjoy it :)
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7 Responses to Photography 101 – The Natural World

  1. pommepal says:

    Amazing colours


  2. anujakokrady says:

    I love the line – “how small us humans are – compared to nature”. Very nice photo!


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