HDP: Travelling Around Australia, Week 8

This week we haven’t really traveled very far as we’ve spent quite a few days in a couple of amazing towns in Western Australia (WA).

The first one was Kalgoorlie Boulder the heart of the Goldfields region. I was caught up in its history and found it fascinating. I heard story after story of how people just thought they’d stop there for a couple of weeks and fifteen years later, they’re still there. Somehow, I can relate to that!

A must see when in Kalgoorlie, is the Super Pit Gold Mine – Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines or (KCGM). To give you some ideas of this mine, I’ve taken en excerpt from the Kalgoorlie Tourism Website which reads, ‘KCGM produces an average of 700,000 ounces of gold per year and has approximately 750 personnel on site. This Kalgoorlie-Boulder landmark will eventually reach 3.6 kilometres long, 1.6 kilometres wide, and reach a depth of more than 600 metres. This brings the depth to below sea level at the bottom of the Super Pit. To look at it another way, it is as deep as Uluru / Ayers Rock is high – and has about the same circumference.’

If you can’t get your head those figures, here’s a photo from their website also, just so you get a visual. Take a look!

Kalgoorlie township is on the left had side of the photo and they’re now mining underneath it too!

Wi-Fi reception is currently ‘one bar’ as we’re free camping. so this post will be a short one. Sorry!

The second town we visited was Esperance. The township is right on the shores of Esperance Bay and they’ve created an amazing foreshore full of history, specially around Tanker Jetty. Tanker Jetty was originally built in 1934 and has a curved 347 m length. We were lucky enough to be there at sunset and caught the moon rising at the same time, which was great for us 🙂

Sunset and moonrise at Tanker Jetty

Sunset and moonrise at Tanker Jetty

An amazing find in Esperance is the Esperance Stone Henge a replica of the original Stone Henge in the UK. They have built it to the exact specifications and includes the altar and internal stones. It has been placed in the exact position for the summer and winter solstices. I had to look twice as it’s not something you find just anywhere. So, here is what the original Stone Henge would have looked like, had we lived in those days.

Replica Stone Henge in Esperance

Replica Stone Henge in Esperance

Also around Esperance is Cape Le Grand National Park which has stunning bays and coves.

Sunset at Cape Le Grand Beach

Sunset at Cape Le Grand Beach

Twilight Bay, Cape Le Grand

Twilight Bay, Cape Le Grand


Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand NP

Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand

Well, that’s a very brief tour of what we’ve seen this week. It’s also been challenging as we’ve had to ‘sit’ in Esperance for a couple of days due to severe weather and destructive winds 😦

I hope you’ve enjoyed it 🙂

As we’re travelling around Australia for X amount of months, I’ll keep the Hump Day Post (HDP) (on Wednesdays) for our journey and will continue to take part in the Weekly Photo Challenge (on Saturdays) – where possible. I’ll repeat this every week, just in case you’ve just joined me 🙂






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    Oh dear, we missed “Stone Henge” at Esperance, looks like we’ll have to go back again! Thanks for sharing the great photos.

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