HDP: Travelling Around Australia, Week 24

So we’ve used Kununurra in Western Australia (WA) as a base for a week. It’s the final frontier of Western Australia before we head across the border to the Northern Territory (NT). A cruise along Lake Argyle and the Ord River was our last trip from here.  It was truly amazing – albeit a long ten hour day!

I was reluctant to go and see Lake Argyle thinking, ‘I’ve seen SO many lakes already’ but was really glad I went, as its like no other.

‘Lake Argyle, near Kununurra, the biggest manmade lake in the southern hemisphere. Created by the Ord River Dam, it’s classified as an inland sea and at its peak in the green season Lake Argyle holds a staggering 32 million cubic metres of water. That’s more than 18 times the size of Sydney Harbour.’ – Quote from the Lake Argyle link.

Getting right into the swing of things, I didn’t hesitate when they asked who wanted to have their photograph taken with the Skipper. I was up there, so here I am… 🙂

Me, (1 of 1) August 2015

The Skipper and Me

There was several bush fires making the first part of the lake eerie.

Lake Argyle, (5 of 6) August 2015

Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle, (2 of 6) August 2015

Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle, (4 of 6) August 2015

Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle Cruise, East Kimberley, WA, (16 of 82) August 2015-1

One of the many islands in Lake Argyle

We stopped for a beautiful buffet lunch and a chance to have a swim in the fresh water lake that is Lake Argyle, full of freshwater crocodiles. I didn’t go in, but I’ve become more relaxed in learning that the’d rather not bite you and will only do so, if you torment them. Their snout is very thin and fragile only made for eating small fish. If they tried to bite you, their snout will break and it’ll take them one slow year before they die of starvation. So you see, it’s in their best interest NOT to bite you. I can breathe easy now …

Lake Argyle, (6 of 6) August 2015

Then we crossed the Ord River Dam.

Ord River Cruise, East Kimberley, WA, (8 of 118) August 201520-1

Crossing the Dam – looking at the Ord River

Ord River Cruise, East Kimberley, WA, (21 of 118) August 201520-1

The Dam wall on the Ord River side

Ord River Cruise, East Kimberley, WA, (65 of 118) August 201520-2

Ord River

The wild life in the Ord River is truly amazing…

This tiny, weeny tortoise is so small it could fit in the palm of my hand. The colours are reflections of the red cliffs and blue skies.

20 Aug 2015, (2 of 8) August 2015

A Jesus bird – so called because it appears to be able to walk on water. Check the size of its feet!

Jesus bird, (1 of 1) August 2015

A harmless freshwater crocodile sunning himself…

20 Aug 2015, (4 of 8) August 2015

I’ve never seen Pelicans up on trees, I usually see them on street lamps or in water. It was refreshing for me to see this guy up there looking so natural!

20 Aug 2015, (7 of 8) August 2015

The reflections and scenery were spectacular.

20 Aug 2015, (6 of 8) August 2015 20 Aug 2015, (5 of 8) August 2015

We stopped to watch the sunset on the river before we disembarked and were taken back home.

20 Aug 2015, (8 of 8) August 2015

This marked the end of a very long, sunburnt day here in the East Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

This is our farewell to Western Australia. We’ve been here for four months, it’s getting hot and it’s time to leave!

We might be making a runner across the Northern Territory (NT) for two reasons: 1) We’ve already been there and 2) the temperature is now on average 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Too hot for me!

PS: You can now make a comment via email – you don’t have to belong to a Social Media 🙂

I’ll keep writing to a minimum and give you links to places so it’s easy reference for you to look up if you’re interested in a particular location.

As we’re travelling around Australia for X amount of months, I’ll keep the Hump Day Post (HDP) (on Wednesdays) for our journey and will continue to take part in the Weekly Photo Challenge (on Saturdays) – where possible. I’ll repeat this every week, just in case you’ve just joined me 🙂


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  1. Amy says:

    Some remarkable shots! Love the wild life captures. 🙂

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  2. I will probably not ever get to visit Australia, but I am certainly getting an opportunity to appreciate the country’s beauty through your posts and wonderful photography skills. 🙂 Nice to know that if they have thin snouts they probably aren’t interested in mere humans, but I’d still leave their habitat to them, and I love the pelican in the tree.

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  3. RuthsArc says:

    Such beautiful photos. I love the reflections, the tortoise and the Jesus bird. You have definitely put WA on my list of places to visit.

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  4. macmsue says:

    Great photos of an amazing place.

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  5. Thank you Sue 😊


  6. Lignum Draco says:

    A beautiful place. I holidayed across the border at Bullo River a few years ago. The scenery in this area is majestic. Thanks for the photos.

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  7. GF-Chopstix says:

    Beautiful scenery, and lovely shots of the creatures. I especially like the one of the turtle.

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  8. Amy says:

    Love these wildlife captures! What a beautiful place to cruise through, RT!
    Remarkable sunset shot.

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  9. Wow…I just looked through some of your posts…Australia is amazing! Love your photography also!

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