Hump Day Post: Postcard from The Pinnacles

Nambung National Park in Western Australia is home to the famous Pinnacles. There are literally thousands of huge pillars that are made from limestone and rises from yellow sand. Their size varies with some standing about 5 metres high, down to smaller ones which are around knee-high.

The Pinnacles, (2 of 2) May 2015

To me, under certain light and conditions, it looks like a huge graveyard, not spooky or anything. It just looks unrealistic as the stone pillars rise from a desert barren land.

The Pinnacles, (1 of 1) May 2015

This National Park is located about 200 kilometres north of Perth and the Park itself covers an area of roughly 17.5 hectares. It’s believed the Pinnacles were formed around 25,000 years ago. Wildflowers springs to life from August to October – we were there too early this time for these wildflowers, but caught some further north.

You can drive around the park and if it’s cloudy, all the better as it’s a photographer’s playground!


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9 Responses to Hump Day Post: Postcard from The Pinnacles

  1. nivs24 says:

    Colors are awesome. 😊

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  2. Just love that place. We had a great time there staying at Nambung Station Stay.

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  3. Very sick, a perfect illustrative example of why I want to visit Australia’s outback.


  4. RuthsArc says:

    The Pinnacles are amazing, well worth a visit. It is one of the world’s weird places 🙂

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