Hump Day Post: Postcard from the Heart

‘A little ray of sunshine, has come into our world,

A little ray of sunshine, in the shape of a girl.’

This week, I’m sharing with you our brand new Grand Daughter ❤️

So, last week, little Cora came into our life and looking at her, it was easy to forget the rest of the world. 😍

Angel Suit-1

Peaceful slumber

Below: Cora’s eyes are closed, resting from her arduous journey. The minute she is placed in her sister’s arm, she opens her eyes and looks at her for the longest time. In silence, two gentle souls are locked in recognition and their bond and love sealed.

Hello Cora, I’ve been waiting to meet you…

Grandchildren are our second lease of life. Just when we think we’re beginning to fade, along they come to rejuvenate us with their love.

We’re honoured to be part of their lives.



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My passion has been for many, many years landscape photography so when the chance came up to retire early, in order to travel, I took it! It made sense then to marry the two (travel and photography) and create this blog. I hope you enjoy it :)
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13 Responses to Hump Day Post: Postcard from the Heart

  1. Congratulations on such a beautiful addition to your life. Grandparenting is the best job ever. If they just stayed little a while longer. 🙂

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  2. macmsue says:

    Such a gorgeous capture of a beautiful moment.

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  3. Thanks for sharing with us. She’s just beautiful.

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  4. RuthsArc says:

    Congratulations 🙂

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  5. Oh goodness such a beautiful post with those precious little people. I have tears in my eyes.

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  6. Beautiful, and congratulations on your new family addition.

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